Custom Vue Custom Laser Vision Correction

What is Custom Laser Vision Correction?

Just like snowflakes, no two sets of eyes are exactly the same so here at North Shore-LIJ LASIK center we provide our patients with the opportunity to receive Customized Laser Vision Correction.

In 2003 the FDA approved CustomVue LASIK. The CustomVue technology allows Dr. Shih to tailor the each person’s laser vision treatment to their exact specifications.

Clincial studies from 2003 show that following the Custom LASIK procedure (VISX Custom Vue), all participants could pass a driving test without glasses or contacts. 98% of the participants could see 20/20 or better with or without glasses or contacts. The study also suggests that four times as many people were very happy with their night time vision after the custom treatment when asked to compare it to their night time vision prior to the surgery using either glasses or contacts.

Is Custom LASIK Right for You?

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for custom LASIK is to have an evaluation by Dr. Shih at our Long Island, New York, LASIK Center.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call our office at (516) 465-8450 and speak with Victoria Leo, our Laser Correction Coordinator. Hospital operators are on duty after hours to direct your calls appropriately.

The WavePrint Map ("fingerprint") of your vision provides a representation of the way light travels through the eye. It provides information on more than just the corneal surface by measuring the entire optical system of the eye. This allows for a tailored, individualized laser procedure. (Image courtesy of VISX.)

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July 12, 2011
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