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Workplace Health and Wellness

Why Choose North Shore-LIJ’s
Workplace Health and Wellness Services

The Center for Workplace Health and Wellness provides health and wellness services for employees at their workplace. With an emphasis on screening, monitoring and prevention, our centers save employers time and money. 

Patients benefit from North Shore-LIJ’s workplace health and wellness services with:

  • Award-winning Healthcare Provider
    North Shore-LIJ Health System is recognized for delivering world-class healthcare to the residents of Long Island, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island, a geographic area that encompasses over 7 million people.
  • Chronic Bottom-Line Issues Addressed
    A convenient onsite health and wellness center has a positive impact on employee absenteeism, employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as preventive care.
  • All Under One Roof
    Employees can get everything they need onsite—patient care, health information, wellness counseling and even medical referrals—from experienced healthcare associates from North Shore-LIJ Health System.
  • Less Time Away from Work
    Onsite services encourage early attention to health issues and reduce the need for employees to leave work to see their doctors for routine care.
  • Services Customized to Your Needs
    From occupational health and immunization services to smoking cessation help and mental health programs, choose the services you want for your employees.

For more information, contact us via email at CSHLWellness@NSHS.edu.