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Dark Fillings

Dark Fillings, Symptoms and Causes

Dark fillings are amalgam fillings made from a combination of several metals including silver, mercury and tin. These silver-colored fillings eventually turn a dark grayish-black color. When they are located in back teeth, they are not always noticeable. However, when teeth near the front of the mouth have dark fillings, they can be unsightly.

An alternative to a dark filling is a composite filling that is made of a combination of glass and acrylic. It does not turn gray or black and can blend in with natural tooth color.

Dark Fillings Symptoms:

Noticeable dark fillings can make an individual feel self-conscious about talking or smiling.

Dark Fillings Causes:

Dark fillings are caused by the amalgam used to fill the tooth. Over time, this combination of metals turns dark and becomes more conspicuous.