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Eye Injuries, Ocular Trauma

Eye Injuries and Ocular Trauma, Symptoms and Causes

Even though the eye is well protected due to the structure of the face, eye injuries, or ocular trauma, can affect vision, sometimes badly enough that one’s vision is completely lost or the eye has to be removed.

Eye Injuries (Ocular Trauma) Symptoms:

Most eye injuries cause redness and pain; however, these symptoms do not occur in every case.

Eye Injuries (Ocular Trauma) Causes:

  • Corneal abrasions. Many things can cause a scratch or injury to the cornea, The more common causes of eye injuries are foreign bodies that get in the eye such as dirt, pebbles and insects; a scratch from a fingernail or a younger child's toy; or contact lenses in older children and adults.
  • Chemical burns: This type of eye trauma can occur as an industrial accident or, more often, by accidents with household cleaners. Immediate medical care is required to avoid loss of vision.
  • Motor vehicle collisions, including air bad injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Exposure to ultra-violet light such as bright sunlight or a welding arc