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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Causes

The Urologic Oncology Program at the North Shore-LIJ Health System brings together experts from departments including Urology, Radiation Medicine and Medical Oncology. Among the conditions the Urologic Oncology Program treats are prostate cancer, testicular cancer, kidney cancer and bladder cancer.

In conjunction with the Department of Radiation Medicine, the Urologic Oncology Program utilizes advanced therapies in the treatment of prostate cancer, including the use of the Calypso© Localization System, an innovative procedure using miniature sensors that track the movement of the prostate, ensuring a more accurate application of the treatment.

Urology specialists at the Arthur Smith Institute for Urology offer superior comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatments of prostate cancer and other urologic malignancies, including:

  • Minimally-invasive surgeries
  • Novel chemotherapeutic protocols
  • Immunotherapy — a type of treatment that uses the body's immune system to halt the growth of cancer cells and usually produces fewer side effects
  • Cryoablation — a minimally-invasive treatment using extreme cold to freeze and kill cancer cells
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy

If You Have Prostate Cancer

In the past, prostate cancer tended to be diagnosed when the disease was widespread and treatment options were limited. Today, prostate cancer is typically discovered much earlier, and urologists are able to deliver a wide array of treatments based on a patient's age, health, stage of disease and other personal factors. When prostate cancer is caught in time, cure rates are high. Even with cancer spread or recurrence, there are therapies that can improve survival.

Leaders in Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research

In 2011, North Shore-LIJ Health System introduced the Center for Prostate Cancer, the premier referral center for prostate cancer care in the region. The Center for Prostate Cancer is one of a select number of specialized facilities in the Northeast and the only one in the metropolitan area dedicated to prostate cancer patients. Our state-of-the-art office, conveniently located on the border of Nassau and Queens, offers both advanced, minimally-invasive surgical procedures and state-of-the-art radiation techniques.

The Center for Prostate Cancer is spearheading pioneering research programs in collaboration with the newly founded Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine to develop personalized treatment options based on the specific characteristics of each patient’s tumor. Since our Center is part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, we provide the support of full-service hospitals to care for the whole patient.

A Dynamic Approach to Treatment

Our doctors define and redefine treatment goals based on how the disease unfolds and the patient’s needs. Treatment is tailored according to the specifics of the patient’s disease.

  • A leader in innovative prostate cancer treatments, vaccines and clinical trials
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques to determine which men are candidates for active surveillance and which need aggressive treatment
  • Advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as the DaVinci Robot, that lessen hospital and recovery time
  • A more precise approach to radiation therapy — Our internationally recognized radiation oncologists have pioneered the latest techniques in radiation delivery, including seed implantation, external radiation therapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy and robotic stereotactic radiation therapy.
  • Multidisciplinary patient care team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that balances potential side effects and benefits of treatment. They will continue to monitor your care and communicate regularly with you and your referring physician about your progress.
  • Innovative systemic therapies and investigative approaches — Prostate cancer becomes systemic when it spreads beyond the actual prostate. In such cases, the disease is usually present in the lymph nodes and bones, and symptoms can be wide-ranging. The Center for Prostate Cancer has many tools to provide customized treatments for the systemic disease.

The Patient Experience

Each patient is evaluated, counseled and provided with a definitive course of treatment and supportive care within days of referral to the Center. All new patients are seen by key members of the multidisciplinary treatment team in a comfortable and caring office setting.

  • Initial patient evaluation serves as the gateway for patients entering the Center and as the cornerstone for all subsequent care.
  • Coordinated multidisciplinary evaluation of patients by Urology, Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology may take place the same day as the initial visit. All patients receive an orientation and one-on-one educational/social support session. Patients leave the office with treatment recommendations, a plan, and personalized educational materials, contact numbers and appointment times with specific team members.
  • Treatment and surveillance management is performed by each participating service. However, multidisciplinary prostate oncology team meetings ensure overall coordination of each patient’s entire treatment phase to make sure each patient reaches treatment milestones.

Our Team of Specialists

New patients are generally seen within two weeks of referral. At their first appointment, patients will meet the genitourinary cancer specialists who will be involved in their care. These specialists may include:

  • Urologists and surgical oncologists — experienced in the latest prostate cancer surgery approaches, including laparoscopic and robotic surgery
  • Radiation oncologists — specialize in delivering the optimal therapeutic dose while protecting healthy tissue
  • Medical oncologists — prescribe the most effective treatments, including hormone therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and vaccines

In addition, prostate cancer patients may also see pathologists, radiologists, oncology nurses and nurse practitioners, oncology psychiatrists, social workers and nutritionists.

Specialized Expertise and Technology

Prostate pathologists at the Center for Prostate Cancer are amongst the world leaders in diagnosing and evaluating prostate tissue. They use the latest, most progressive technologies, such as circulating tumor cells and advanced imaging, to provide critical information that is used in treatment planning and assessing a patient’s response to treatment. For more information about leading-edge prostate cancer treatment, visit Arthur Smith Institute for Urology.

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

The North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute offers a full array of clinical trials. The result of this research not only impacts survival, but also enhances the quality of life. For more information about clinical trials for Prostate Cancer, visit Cancer Clinical Trials.

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