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Aural Rehabilitation and Speech Therapy for Cochlear Implant

Therapy services are available for patients from infancy through adulthood.These services include Speech/Language Evaluations, individual therapy sessions,parent instruction and participation, parent/family counseling and family and adult support groups.

Auditory-Oral Therapy is the primary focus for services. This therapy model utilizes audition as well as some visual cues in an attempt to maximize the use of residual and aided hearing in the process of developing language/communication skills. For children, this process is on-going and requires parent participation and appropriate audiological monitoring of the specific amplification device. For older children and adults, therapy materials are provided for use in both the individual therapy session and for carry-over activities in the home environment. On-going individual counseling is an integral part of therapy as patients and their families adjust to the amplification device.

Therapy sessions are developed and tailored to the patient?s individual needs and functioning abilities. For children, both structured play and specific exercises are introduced; the goal being the ability to enter the mainstream academically and socially. For adults, listening and communication issues are addressed including auditory training to enhance listening skills, vocal monitoring and the improvement of speech intelligibility. The goal for adults is the effective combination of both listening and lip-reading skills to maximize overall communication.

A Sign Language Interpreter and Social Worker are also available to accommodate the specific needs of the patient and family if indicated.