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CART Youth Specialized Care Center for HIV Adolescents (YSCC)

The Pediatric/Adolescent Program at Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Centre of New York provides comprehensive medical and psychosocial care to children and adolescents, from infancy to age 24, who are HIV infected.  Our goal is to offer children, adolescents and their family’s state-of-the-art medical care as well as the psychological, emotional, social and educational/vocational support to help the children transition to leading fulfilling and independent lives.

We are part of the Center for AIDS Research and Treatment, the largest New York State-designated HIV/AIDS center on Long Island. Our mission is to improve access to comprehensive HIV care, based on standards established by the Ryan White Title I and Title IV Care Act and the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute for all patients regardless of their ability to pay. The team is led by immunology and HIV specialists credentialed by the American Academy of HIV Medicine.