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Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships

Teaming Up to Save Lives

The growing shortage of volunteer fire, emergency and medical personnel, especially during daytime hours, along with the ever-increasing costs to local governments everywhere has become a national problem, prompting a growing number of municipalities to reach out to hospitals, medical centers and private companies to provide life-savings EMS services. North Shore LIJ’s center for Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) has made a highly acclaimed, ground breaking approach to providing additional help and support to local ambulance emergency services.

A Valuable Community Service

The Center for Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) in partnership with the Village of Rockville Center, Village of Lake Success, Village of Hempstead and the Port Authority of NY and NJ, (LaGuardia Airport) have launched successful public-private EMS partnerships to provide EMS services. These partnerships offer unparalleled ambulance coverage to community residents, improves the overall level of patient care and provides for substantial cost savings to each entity. This combination of resources has strengthened the core of emergency response services received by community members.

Forging Strong Relationships

The joining of forces with local municipalities and other agencies brings the North Shore LIJ Health System into the community in a very real and visible way. Health system employees responding as part of the local 911 system initiate the patient’s experience far in advance of the patient reaching the emergency department – ensuring a continuous, positive experience at an otherwise difficult time for the patient and their families. This initiative brings an innovative, team based approach to providing consistent EMS response to the partnerships. The communities benefit by saving tax payer’s considerable funds, by increasing police productivity in dealing with police matters, and experiencing the impressive response times of North Shore-LIJ’s ambulances due to the dynamic deployment structure and the proximity of the Health System’s ambulance resources. This technology which includes an advanced global positioning satellite system (GPS), and a highly accurate call prediction system, ensures that North Shore LIJ ambulances are directed to the right patient at the right time in the shortest amount of time.

Our Paramedics and EMT’s are working alongside community members to forge stronger relationships every day. The true partnerships are a win-win and have proven to be a true benefit for all members of the communities and could serve as the model for other local communities wrestling with similar challenges. These partnerships are designed to preserve the traditions of the volunteer fire service, respect the practice of home-rule and result in substantial savings for taxpayers.