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Center for AIDS Research and Treatment (CART)

Center for AIDS Research and Treatment (CART)

400 Community Drive Manhasset,  NY  11030

Phone: (516) 562-4280
Fax: (516) 562-2626
Ryan White Office: (516) 562-3575

The Center for AIDS Research and Treatment is the largest New York State-designated AIDS Center on Long Island, providing primary care to over 800 HIV-infected individuals. Here, a Board Certified Infectious Disease specialist and nurse-case manager are assigned to each patient, consistently rendering the highest possible quality of care. Clinics are held Monday through Friday. Round the clock service is provided for both emergency room visits and in-patient management of more severe disease.

Obstetrical services allow infected mothers to deliver healthy virus-free children; surgical services provide comprehensive surgical care. Advanced dental care is also available. Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern technologies, supporting patients back to health, while active clinical trials provide the newest medicines, vaccines and state-of-the-art treatments. Extensive psychosocial and adherence programs supplement primary care to help patients achieve emotional control over their disease while assuring proper use of medications. The ability to achieve complete suppression of HIV has dramatically changed the outcome of this once fatal infection. Patients participating in our comprehensive AIDS program can be expected to lead full, productive and healthy lives.

The Center for AIDS Research and Treatment is dedicated to providing the highest standards of healthcare to you, our patient.

Center for AIDS Research and Treatment Brochure

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