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Why The Sinus Center Was Developed

Nasal and sinus disease afflicts an estimated 37 million people in the United States. The financial burden to our society runs into billions of dollars a year and has impacted the quality of life for sufferers more than diabetes or heart failure. Yet despite these facts, very few centers of excellence have emerged to deal specifically with nasal and sinus disorders. This leaves patients and their families to search, seeking answers and treatment to their problems. The Zucker Nasal and Sinus Center of the North Shore/LIJ Healthcare system was originated to fill this void and offer comprehensive care. The center offers the latest in diagnostic equipment for both adult and pediatric patients. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis, looking not only at the nasal problem but its effect on the whole individual.  

Dr. Mark Shikowitz, Vice Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology and Director of the Center, has been treating problems of the nose and sinuses for 25 years. As the ability to diagnosis these disorders has improved over the years in ease and accuracy, so have the many different treatments. Restoring the sinuses to health may require a multi step approach. Natural remedies along with more traditional treatments and in some cases surgical intervention are all explored. The Zucker family who has long been major benefactors and supporters of innovative healthcare recognized the need for a state of the art facility with resources to explore and implement all options to treat nasal and sinus disease. Their vision has helped make this center a reality.