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Volunteering at Southside Hospital

Southside Hospital is committed to helping serve the community by utilizing volunteers to help carry out a wide variety of functions on behalf of the hospital, its staff, patients and their families.

Why Volunteer?

  • Lend a helping hand with warmth and compassion
  • Give the gift of self
  • Fulfill educational and personal pursuits
  • Investigate career possibilities
  • Make new friends

Who Can Volunteer?

Our volunteers are men and women from all walks of life who want to give something of themselves while gaining the personal satisfaction that they are helping others.

When Can You Volunteer?

Hours and days can be arranged on a flexible basis. We require that you be able to volunteer a minimum of 150 hours per year.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers may choose from a broad range of activities. These include services that provide patient contact, and non-patient-related services.

Choose an Area of Interest

  • Ambulatory Services Unit
  • Mailroom
  • Clerical/Office Work
  • Emergency Department
  • Physical Therapy
  • General Transportation
  • Pre-Surgical Testing
  • Magazine/Books
  • Radiology
  • Gift Shop
  • Reception Desk
  • Surgical Lounge
  • Feeding Program
  • Born to Read
  • Mended Hearts
  • Friendly Visitor

Junior Volunteers

The Junior Volunteer Program offers young people, ages 15 to 17, the opportunity to serve their community while familiarizing themselves with the varied career opportunities within a hospital setting. Some area schools offer credit for volunteer/community service. Juniors may choose from many areas of hospital service. For more information, please call the Volunteer office at (631) 968 - 3423, Monday or Thursday 8am – 5pm.

Before You Start Volunteering

All volunteers participate in an orientation program and receive training in their specific duties. Before the initial assignment is made, volunteers will be interviewed by the Volunteer Services Manager at the hospital. Volunteers will also be required to complete an application, obtain medical clearance, and have a background check. You can download/print all necessary forms, including the application and health assessment, by clicking on the appropriate link below:

If you are unable to download either file, you may have to update your browser. Please pick up an application at the main desk in our front lobby.

For more information, contact the Volunteer Services office at (631) 968 – 3423 or e-mail southsidevolunteeroffice@nshs.edu. At this time due to HIPAA regulations, we are not permitted to accept applications online. Please do not return your application to this email address. It needs to be brought to Patient Information, at the main entrance to the hospital.