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Weight Gain From Quitting Smoking

Weight Gain Associated with Quitting Smoking

Some smokers, not all, gain weight after quitting. Nicotine raises the rate at which your body burns calories (metabolic rate). When smokers stop, they burn fewer calories. Quitting smoking may make food taste and smell better. Nicotine is an appetite suppressant and without it some quitters tend to eat more, resulting in weight gain.

Weight Management Tips


Start slow if you haven't been active and work from there. Exercise is good for maintaining your weight, and has the added benefit of releasing endorphins, the feel-good hormone. Walking is a great place to start. Use a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps a day. Pedometer use is associated with increased physical activity, reduced blood pressure, and minimal weight gain.

Drink Water

It's a great craving buster and helps to flush toxins out more quickly once you stop smoking. By keeping yourself well-hydrated, you'll feel better in general. If you don't like water try other low calorie drinks.

Keep Healthy Snacks Within Reach

Put some good-for-you snacks together ahead of time so that when the munchies hit, you can grab something healthy instead of that chocolate!

Distract Yourself

Urges to smoke can mimic cravings. Distract yourself and wait for the urge to pass.

Avoid Empty Calories

Junk food, such as chips, ice cream, cake and cookies are loaded with "empty" calories that have no nutritional value. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains which will keep you full longer and your blood sugar stable.