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Why The Rosen Family Center is Needed

Law enforcement and military personnel and their families have unique needs based on their occupations and experiences. The staff at the Rosen Center are experienced in dealing with the issues specific to these groups. 

Some of the issues these personnel and their families face are:

  • Long-term exposure to stressful or traumatic events as a result of law enforcement or deployment duties
  • Fear for the safety of their loved one who's a member of local law enforcement and first responder to terrorist threats
  • Rotating shifts, weekend and holiday work law enforcement personnel do can cause stress on families
  • Fear for the safety of loved ones deployed overseas
  • Prolonged separation for those deployed overseas
  • Reintegration of families after a long deployment
  • Limited social support for reservists and their famlies because of reduced availability of military bases

To receive a free confidential phone consultation, or to set up an appointment, call The Rosen Center at (516) 562-3260. You can also e-mail us at rosencenter@nshs.edu.