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Become an "Ask The Question" Champion

What does it mean to be an Ask the Question Champion?

Becoming an Ask the Question Champion means:

  • You are committed to asking pregnant woman and new mothers how they are feeling
  • You are committed to spreading the message and raising awareness about perinatal mood disorders
  • You will join our important campaign, and recruit others to join the campaign so that people everywhere will Ask the Question

How can I spread the message?

  • If you are a healthcare professional, you may decide to implement within your own group Ask the Question practices that will become valuable routine procedures.
  • If you are a program administrator, you may choose to ask your entire team to take the pledge and join the campaign.
  • If you are a new mom, you may have the conversation with all your family and friends, and ask them to take the pledge.

Why should I become an Ask the Question Champion?

  • Perinatal mood disorders and postpartum depression can affect anyone! Becoming an Ask the Question Champion is so simple that anyone can do it! Asking the Question may help someone you love!

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