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Newsday Lists 300+ North Shore-LIJ Top Docs

Over 300 physicians affiliated with the North Shore-LIJ Health System were listed recently on Newsday’s Long Island Top Doctors List. The list is compiled based on peer-review surveys conducted by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., a New York-based research and information company.

The doctors whose listings are included in Castle Connolly's Top Doctor listings were selected after peer nomination, extensive research and careful review and screening by a doctor-directed research team. Below is a breakdown of the 306 North Shore-LIJ physicians by hospital affiliation. 

Adolescent Medicine:
Martha Arden MD , Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Martin Fisher MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Linda Levin Carmine MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Allergy & Immunology:
Mitchell Boxer MD, LIJ
Robert Corriel MD, NSUH
Bruce Edwards MD, LIJ
Marianne Frieri MD, NSUH
Stanley Goldstein MD, LIJ
Paul Lang MD, NSUH
Sharon Markovics MD, NSUH
Marc Sicklick MD, NSUH
Gary Weinstock MD, NSUH

Cardiac Electrophysiology:
Ram Jadonath MD, NSUH

Cardiovascular Disease:
Maliakal Anto MD, Syosset Hospital
William Breen MD, Plainview Hospital
Marvin Cramer MD, NSUH
Ronald D’Agostino MD, LIJ
Edward Davison MD, Franklin Hospital
Robert Dresdale MD, NSUH
Louis Gleckel MD, LIJ
Steven Goldberg MD, NSUH
Stephen Green MD, NSUH
Mansoor Jelveh MD, NSUH
Steven Kobren MD, LIJ
Jerome Koss MD, LIJ
Guy Mintz MD, NSUH
Edward Rutkovsky MD, NSUH
Carl Schreiber MD, Glen Cove Hospital
William Tenet MD, Lenox Hill Hospital
Marc Weinberg MD, Huntington Hospital

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry:
Carmel Foley MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Lajpat Gandhi MD, Huntington Hospital
Judith Greenberg MD, LIJ

Child Neurology:
Marcia Bergtraum MD, LIJ
Lydia Eviatar MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Joseph Maytal MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Clinical Genetics:
Martin Bialer MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Joyce Fox MD, LIJ

Colon & Rectal Surgery:
Marc Greenwald MD, NSUH
John Procacciono MD, NSUH
James Sullivan MD, NSUH

Georgette Aprile MD, Glen Cove Hospital
William De Pietro MD, Glen Cove Hospital
Harold Hefter MD, Franklin Hospital
Barbra Hisler MD, LIJ
Leonard Kristal MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
James Krivo MD, Franklin Hospital
Robert Paltzik MD , NSUH
Alan Spinowitz MD, Franklin Hospital

Diagnostic Radiology:
Jay Hammel MD, NSUH
Janet Hoffman MD, LIJ
Arfa Khan MD, LIJ
Steven Weck MD, Glen Cove Hospital

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism:
Michael Balkin MD, Huntington Hospital
Rachelle Bitton MD, LIJ
Seth Friedman MD, NSUH
Martin Greenfield MD, LIJ
Irwin Klein MD, NSUH
Paul Margulies MD, NSUH
Stuart Weinerman MD, NSUH

Family Medicine:
Luigi Capobianco MD, Glen Cove Hospital
Martin Edelstein MD, NSUH
Steven Klein MD, Southside Hospital

David Bernstein MD, NSUH
Meyer Blumstein MD , LIJ
William Caccese MD, Plainview Hospital
Bethany DeVito MD, NSUH
David Eskreis MD, NSUH
Charles Farber MD, Plainview Hospital
Barry Glanzman MD, Huntington Hospital
Ira Goldman MD, NSUH
Ronald Greenberg MD, LIJ
Seymour Katz MD, NSUH
 Matthew McKinley MD , NSUH
Perry Milman MD, LIJ
Melissa Palmer MD, Plainview Hospital
Arthur Talansky MD, NSUH
Gary Weissman MD, NSUH

Geriatric Medicine:
Geraldine Lanman MD, LIJ
Gisele Wolf-Klein MD, LIJ

Gynecologic Oncology:
John Lovecchio MD, NSUH
Andrew Menzin MD, NSUH

Hand Surgery:
Kenneth Kamler MD, NSUH
Lewis Lane MD, NSUH
Thomas Palmieri MD, LIJ

Steven Allen MD, NSUH
Michael Buchholtz MD, Huntington Hospital
Klaus Dittmar MD, NSUH
Jonathan Kolitz MD, NSUH
Kanti Rai MD, NSUH

Infectious Disease:
Joseph Cervia MD, NSUH
Bruce Farber MD, NSUH
Joel Greenspan MD, NSUH
Joseph McGowan MD, NSUH
Anne Sacks-Berg MD, Huntington Hospital
Max Scheer MD, NSUH
Carol Singer MD, LIJ

Internal Medicine:
Richard Federbush MD, Plainview Hospital
Cornelius Foley MD, LIJ
Burt Gelberg MD, Franklin Hospital
Harold German MD, Huntington Hospital
Joanne Gottridge MD, NSUH
Edward Hotchkiss MD, LIJ
Pauline Leong MD, NSUH
Harvey Pollak MD, NSUH
Frederic Rakowitz MD, NSUH
Jack Rubenstein MD, Franklin Hospital
Lawrence Smith MD, NSUH
Leonard Timpone MD, Franklin Hospital
Mark Weinsten MD, Plainview Hospital

Maternal & Fetal Medicine:
Adiel Fleischer MD, LIJ
Victor Klein MD, NSUH
Natalie Meirowitz MD, LIJ
Burton Rochelson MD, NSUH

Medical Oncology:
Birjis Akhund MD, Huntington Hospital
Thomas Bradley MD, NSUH
Daniel Budman MD, NSUH
Marc Citron MD, LIJ
Bruce Kappel MD, Plainview Hospital
John Marino MD, NSUH
Paula Schwartz MD, NSUH
Frank Tomao MD , NSUH
Vincent Vinciguerra MD, NSUH
Lora Weiselberg MD, NSUH

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine:
Dennis Davidson MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Richard Schanler MD, NSUH
Andrew Steele MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Alessandro Bellucci MD, NSUH
Steven Bourla MD, Plainview Hospital
Lionel Mailloux MD, NSUH
Joseph Mattana MD, LIJ
Richard Schwarz MD, Huntington Hospital
Pravin Singhal MD, LIJ
John Wagner MD, LIJ

Neurological Surgery:
Mark Eisenberg MD, LIJ
Mitchell Levine MD, NSUH
Mark Mittler MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Michael Schulder MD, NSUH

Richard Blanck MD, NSUH
Marc Gordon MD, LIJ
Itzhak Haimovic MD, NSUH
Brian Hainline MD, NSUH
Ronald Kanner MD, LIJ
John Kelemen MD, Plainview Hospital
Jeffrey Kessler MD, NSUH
Roger Kula MD, NSUH
Richard Libman MD, LIJ
Stephen Newman MD, Plainview Hospital
Ira Turner MD, Plainview Hospital

Avi Setton MD, NSUH

Nuclear Medicine:
Christopher Palestro MD, LIJ

Obstetrics & Gynecology:
Leonard Benedict MD, NSLIJ
Robert Bernstein MD, NSUH
Jessica Jacob MD, NSUH
Mitchell Kramer MD, Huntington Hospital
Eileen Krim MD, NSUH
Laurence Mack MD, Plainview Hospital
Michael Nimaroff MD, NSUH
David Rothbaum MD, NSUH
Allen Toles MD, LIJ
Kusum Vasudeva MD, NSUH

Vivien Boniuk MD, LIJ
Jack Cook MD, LIJ
Gerard D'Aversa MD, LIJ
David Fastenberg MD, Syosset Hospital
Philip Ferrone MD, Syosset Hospital
Perry Garber MD, LIJ
Anthony Girardi MD, Glen Cove
Samuel Packer MD, NSUH
Steven Rubin MD, NSUH
Paul Svitra MD, NSUH
Ira Udell MD, LIJ

Orthopaedic Surgery:
Scott Alpert MD, Huntington Hospital
Stanley Asnis MD, NSUH
David Dines MD, LIJ
Thomas Mauri MD, NSUH
Nicholas Sgaglione MD, NSUH
Raymond Shebairo MD, LIJ
Barry Simonson MD, Glen Cove Hospital
Jonathan Ticker MD, NSUH

Douglas Frank MD, LIJ
Michael Gordon MD, LIJ
John Grosso MD, Plainview Hospital
Michael Mendelsohn MD, LIJ
Idel Moisa MD, Glen Cove Hospital
Michael Setzen MD, NSUH
Mark Shikowitz MD, LIJ
Bernard Tawfik MD, Glen Cove Hospital
Jon Turk MD, Lenox Hill Hospital
Andrea Vambutas MD, LIJ
Jay Youngerman MD, Plainview Hospital
Gerald Zahtz MD, LIJ

James Crawford MD, NSUH
Leonard Kahn MD, LIJ
Patricia Wasserman MD, LIJ

Pediatric & Allergy Immunology:
Vincent Bonagura MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
James Fagin MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Pediatric Cardiology:
Fredrick Bierman MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Angela Romano MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Yehuda Shapir MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine:
Mayer Sagy MD, LIJ

Pediatric Endocrinology:
Dennis Carey MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Pavel Fort MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Graeme Frank MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Paula Kreitzer MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Pediatric Gastroenterology:
Jeremiah Levine MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
James Markowitz MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Michael Pettei MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Toba Weinstein MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology:
Jeffrey Lipton MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Arlene Redner MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Lawrence Wolfe MD, LIJ

Pediatric Infectious Disease:
Lorry Rubin MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Sunil Sood MD, NSUH

Pediatric Nephrology:
Howard Trachtman MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Pediatric Pulmonology:
Janis Schaeffer MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Pediatric Rheumatology:
Beth Gottlieb MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Pediatric Surgery:
Stephen Dolgin MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Andrew Hong MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Edmund Kessler MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Vincent Parnell MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Andrew Adesman MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Maurice Chianese MD, NSUH
Eugene Friedman MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Michael Frogel MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center MD
Lawrence Galinkin MD, NSUH
Lynda Gerberg MD, LIJ
Eric Gould MD, LIJ
Abraham Green MD, LIJ
Jacob Grijnsztein MD, LIJ
Lee Kurfist MD, Huntington Hospital
Morton Levy MD, NSUH
Clifford Nerwen MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Morris Rabinowicz MD, Plainview Hospital
Marvin Resmovits MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation:
Jason Lipetz MD, LIJ
Barry Root MD, NSUH
Adam Stein MD, NSLIJ

Plastic Surgery:
Arnold Breitbart MD, NSUH
Sanford Dubner MD, LIJ
Elliot Duboys MD, Plainview Hospital
Marc Elkowitz MD, LIJ
Alan Gold MD, NSUH
Ron Israeli MD, NSUH
Alex Keller MD, LIJ
Lyle Leipziger MD, NSUH
Frederick Lukash MD, LIJ
Mark Silberman MD, NSUH
B Donald Sklansky MD, NSUH

Samuel Bailine MD, LIJ
Raymond Behr MD, LIJ
John Benjamin MD, NSUH
Cathy Budman MD, NSUH
Michael Gurevich MD, Glen Cove Hospital
Eli Katus MD, NSUH
Jack Katz MD, NSUH
Vera Liang MD, LIJ
Arthur Rifkin MD, LIJ

Pulmonary Disease:
Dennis Bernardini MD, Huntington Hospital
David Breidbart MD, NSUH
Michael Cohen MD, NSUH
Alan Fein MD, NSUH
Harly Greenberg MD, LIJ
Alan Mensch MD, Plainview Hospital
Ian Newmark MD, Plainview Hospital
Mark Rosen MD, LIJ
Harry Steinberg MD, LIJ

Radiation Oncology:
Ezriel Diamond MD, Plainview Hospital
Jed Pollack MD, NSUH
Louis Potters MD, LIJ

Reproductive Endocrinology:
Steven Brenner MD, LIJ
David Rosenfeld MD, NSUH

Richard Furie MD, NSUH
Robert Greenwald MD, LIJ
Michael Hoffman MD, LIJ
Esther Lipstein-Kresch MD, LIJ
Andrew Porges MD, NSUH
Michael Repice MD, Huntington Hospital

Louis Auguste MD, LIJ
Erna Busch-Devereaux MD, Huntington Hospital
Charles Conte MD, NSUH
Gene Coppa MD, NSLIJ
George Denoto MD, NSUH
Michael Grieco MD, Glen Cove Hospital
Dan Reiner MD, NSUH
Gerard Vitale MD, Glen Cove Hospital
Robert Zingale MD, Huntington Hospital

Thoracic Surgery:
Lawrence Glassman MD, NSUH
Alan Hartman MD, NSUH
Chanchal Saha MD, Plainview Hospital
Vadim Zeltsman MD, LIJ

Richard Ashley MD, NSUH
Mitchell Buchbinder MD, LIJ
Sarah Girardi MD, NSUH
Moneer Hanna MD, Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Louis Kavoussi MD, LIJ
Jeffrey Layne MD, Plainview Hospital
Arnold Leventhal MD, Franklin Hospital
Elliott Lieberman MD, Plainview Hospital
Robert Moldwin MD, NSLIJ
Michael Ziegelbaum MD, LIJ

Vascular Surgery:
Saquib Chaundry MD, Forest Hills Hospital
William Purtill MD, NSUH



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