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Four Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries 'Pay It Forward'
Source: WLNY-TV55

February 18, 2011

TV 10/55 News at 11
WLNY New York
February 18, 2011 11:00 – 11:35 PM

Richard Rose, Co-Anchor: Well, as a result of some very miraculous recoveries from severe brain injuries, some recovering patients from one rehab center are now committed to finding a purpose in their lives and passing it on to others.

Audrey Hampton, Reporter: A scar left behind on the forehead of forty-year-old John Ragusa of Sands Point serves as a daily reminder of the long road he has traveled back to recovery after suffering a massive brain injury back in 2008 in an accident.

John Ragusa, Brain Injury Patient: You can have all the money in the world, but when someone takes away the freedom to walk, your ability to talk or think of memor—remember…it’s devastating.

Audrey Hampton: John, along with three others, gathered today to share their individual triumphant stories of the years it took to regain their lives after suffering traumatic brain injuries, and today, here at Transitions of Long Island in Manhasset, a rehab center that’s affiliated with the North Shore LIJ Health System, these four survivors spoke about how grateful they are to be alive and how they are giving back and paying it forward to others who are now in the place they once were.

John Ragusa, Brain Injury Patient: I was convinced that this is not how I was brought into this world, and this is certainly not how I’m going to go out, and I never gave up on that notion that there’ll be a day I’ll stand up on my own two legs.

Audrey Hampton: And John said today that accepting help throughout his ordeal was quite a challenge, especially after being self-sufficient for more than three decades of his life, but today he can understand and appreciate what a gift it truly was. And part of the gift he received was the cash for this electronic stimulation leg brace. John needed this device desperately to help him walk again, and thanks to an anonymous donor from his church, he was able to purchase this nearly $7,000 leg cuff. And as for John he’s proud to be able to walk again, and even do a little dance. In Manhasset, Audrey Hampton, TV 10/55 News.

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