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Categories and Instructions


The Annual Academic Competition was established to encourage the writing of professional papers and posters to promote the utilization of the Health Sciences Library in support of patient care, education, continuing professional development and research.


The competition is open to Residents, Fellows, affiliated students, nurses, and allied health professionals of the clinical campuses of all Health Systems.


All initial submissions must be prepared on the official Competition Abstract Form.  Authors must indicate whether they are entering the abstract for the poster and the paper competition.  Finalists for posters and papers will be notified of the selection of their abstract and the deadlines for the submissions of their papers and posters.  There will be a maximum of 25 poster and 50 paper finalists from group A below and 5 poster and 10 paper finalists from group B below.  Abstracts must be submitted via email to: academiccompetition@nshs.edu.


All abstracts must be between 250 and 300 words. The individual submitting the abstract must be the qualified first author. The subject is at the discretion of the author, but should be based on work or educational experience connected with the clinical campuses. The categories for posters and papers are as follows:

  • Basic Science Research                                  
  • Clinical Science Research
  • Case Reports                                                 
  • Literature and Clinical Topic Reviews
  • Educational Outcomes Research

The judges may withhold an award if no paper or poster in the category is found to merit an award.

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