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Message from Michael Dowling
President and CEO


Why I am Excited about the Launch of our Alumni Affairs Program

1. I look forward to seeing the success of the people who have trained in our programs.
 To better understand the effectiveness of the training we provide to our residents and fellows, we need to be in touch with our alumni. Our program is designed to provide you with the means to easily communicate with us here at the health system and keep us updated on how you are doing. It also gives us the ability to analyze the information you provide so that we can use your feedback to make constructive improvements to the training experience we offer.
2. We’ve developed the professionals we want to recruit.
By keeping in touch with our alumni and having access to their most current curriculum vitae, we know where to turn when we are looking for qualified physicians and scientists to join our staff.
3. With the Hofstra North Shore- LIJ Medical School now at the core of our training programs, we have the power to offer stronger educational programs not just to our current employees, but to those who are members of the physician alumni community as well.
We take thought leadership seriously and want to continue making contributions to our former physicians’ education.   Realizing that educational needs continue along the continuum of physician development, we are utilizing our resources to offer courses that will be useful in meeting those needs. 
4. We remain committed to all members of the North Shore-LIJ family as they assume positions in the United States and abroad.
This is a program that is all about you as North Shore-LIJ alumni. We wish to provide you with an opportunity to “come back home” whenever you wish.  Whether it’s a visit, a chance to relax and socialize with your colleagues for a bit, or to get information to help you advance your career, we’re here for you.

Our Program Leadership:

Mr. Michael Dowling President and CEO
Dr. Lawrence Smith Executive Vice President and Physician and Chief
Dr. David Battinelli Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Bettie Steinberg Chief Scientific Officer, Feinstein Institute of Medical Research
Dr. Andrew Yacht Vice President and Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Donna Marchant Chairperson, Alumni Affairs, Physician, Cardiovascular Disease
Dr. Howard Kerpen Chairperson Alumni Affairs, Physician, Nephrology


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