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Applied Leadership Effectiveness and Development (ALEAD)

ALEAD 2.0 


ALEAD 2.0 is a leadership development program designed to foster skills and knowledge among current and emerging healthcare leaders, ensuring a talent pipeline for organizational effectiveness and sustainability. The program was developed using the North Shore - LIJ Health System's leadership competency model, as well as learning needs identified by the various components of our workforce; staff members, front-line leaders, and our executive leaders.

Blended Learning Approach

With the recent implementation of the organization’s learning management system, iLearn, we now have the opportunity to offer a truly blended learning approach for our leadership development program. This includes informative and engaging e-learning modules, supplemented with interactive in-person sessions; all designed to create the optimal learning experience.


Program Components:

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Program Description:

I. Adaptive Leadership Challenge
In order to link theory and practice, the program begins with each leader identifying their own Adaptive Leadership Challenge. An Adaptive Leadership Challenge is a practical framework that helps an individual leader identify an area in which they need to adapt and thrive within their work environment. Adaptive Leadership Challenges require the leader to explore changes in the organization/department’s values, beliefs, roles, relationships, and approaches to work. Through thought provoking questions, reflection and application, participants have the opportunity to utilize the skills and knowledge learned throughout the program and apply it to their specific challenge to work towards a resolution.


II. Pre-assessments
There are 3 pre-assessments administered within the program; they include the MBTI (Personality Style), the TKI (Conflict Style) and the EQ 360o (Emotional Intelligence Assessment). Assessments are used as baseline measures which give the learner in-depth information about the personal characteristics that affect their leadership style and decision-making. Results from these assessments are utilized throughout the program, therefore it is required that they are completed as a part of the first educational block.


III. Educational Blocks
The program is one semester long (6 months) and is comprised of 4 educational blocks. Each block contains 3 e-learning modules followed by an interactive in-person application session. The in-person session allows the learner the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills attained in the online modules. These application activities include simulation, case-based discussion, small group activity, role-play and team-based learning.


IV. Senior Leadership Keynote Event
Participants are offered the opportunity to attend a Senior Leadership Keynote Event. This event is held once during the semester and gives participants the chance to network with one another, as well as to hear directly from the organization’s Senior Leaders on the priorities and future vision for the North Shore-LIJ Health System.


V. Knowledge Exchange
Upon completion of the coursework, each participant is required to participate in an in-person report out at CLI on their adaptive leadership challenge. Participants will explain how they utilized the skills from the program to address their specific challenge. By sharing these experiences, participants will have a broader understanding of the various ways the knowledge and skills gained in the program can be applied to different leadership challenges across the Health System. The Knowledge Exchange event creates an environment of learning, collaboration and innovation.


VI. Program Feedback/Evaluation
Completion of course and program evaluations is required to achieve certification for ALEAD 2.0. Feedback is important to the ongoing improvement and success of the program. Your responses will help us identify strengths and opportunities for improvement within the program to best meet your learning needs. All responses will be anonymous and reported on in summary form only.


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