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CLI Wiki

The Center for Learning and Innovation would like to introduce their very own Wiki.  The Wiki is a website which is designed to be a communal space for sharing knowledge and information throughout the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System.

In essence, the concept of the CLI Wiki is described as follows:

  • The Wiki is a website that members can edit, engage in discussions and share their expertise with everyone. 
  • The Wiki is intended for individuals in the health system to work in a collaborative way.
  • The content is constantly growing and developing and as the educational landscape evolves, the Wiki will serve as an advantageous tool.
  • Technologies, such as a Wiki are continuously enhancing educational communities worldwide.
  • Beginning in late 2009, CLI has joined the GOING GREEN Initiative for 2010.

The Center for Learning and Innovation's Wiki is easy to adopt and share for individuals for the North Shore LIJ  health system.  First time users will be able to participate immediately after the creation of their own log-on and password. Afterwards, they will have access to various links to information from our classes, such as course descriptions, objectives and presentations. 

The GREEN Initiative conducted research on the population rate and available natural resources.  Their research showed that in the year 2000, the population on this earth reached an astronomical amount of 6 billion people.  In the year 2050 the population count is projected to be over 9 billion.  This would mean that if the natural resources were distributed evenly through out the world that we would only have about 25% of the resources per capita then people did in the 1950's.  CLI recognized how much waste we produce as a human population and has decided to join in on the Going GREEN Initiative by going paperless with all of our course material.  The CLI needs your help in reducing this number by only printing what we need. 

As stated, all course materials are available on-line via the CLI Wiki for students to access and print out, prior to the start of class if they choose.  It is not required that the information be printed out as they can be accessed at any point as a reference, whether from the office or the confort of home.


Notice: All information posted is subject to verification by the staff at CLI.

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