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Computer Courses

Computer courses at the Center for Learning & Innovation take place in our hands-on computer lab.  Every student will be seated at an individual computer station to learn the programs first-hand.  Our levels of computer courses are geared toward all; from those wanting to learn the basics with our “Computer Basics” to those that want to master a program in Excel or PowerPoint. 



Employees can now register for
iLearn courses.

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Guests can now register for
iLearn courses.

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For those that want to attend a Level 2 or Level 3 computer course please review the pre-tests listed below.  To ensure your Level 2 or 3 registration, please be sure to complete the test fully, subject the e-mail with your full name and the type of test (ex: John Smith’s Excel Level 2 Pre-Test) and e-mail it to CLI@nshs.edu.  If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail: CLI@nshs.edu.

Pre-Test for Microsoft Excel Level 2:

  1. Format a yellow color-fill (i.e. pattern) to cell A1 and a green color-fill to cell C1 
  2. Auto-fit the following text in cell B1: Entering too much text into one cell can be tricky
  3. Enter the word “Format" into cell A2 and change the font color to blue, bold and change the font to Times New Roman size 16 (Auto-fit into cell)
  4. Place the following numbers in C3 through C7: 15 10 5 25 20
  5. “Copy” and “Paste” the 5 cells (C3 through C7) into cells D3 through D7 then sort in ascending order
  6. In cell D8, enter a formula that calculates the sum of D3 through D7
  7. Drag the formula from D8 into cell E8 - using the Auto Fill option (solid black cross) 
  8. In cell D9, compute the average of cells D3 through D7
  9. Insert a column between current columns A and B and title the first cell of this column "New Column" and auto-fit the text
  10. Change the page orientation to Landscape
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