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Dental Medicine Elective at NSUH

Externship in Dentistry at NSUH

Course Director:

Frederic R. Kunken, DMD

This elective is offered to senior dental students with assignments running a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of six weeks. Externship assignments begin each year in July and run through April.

Externs attend rounds, lectures, seminars, treatment planning sessions and literature and case review sessions with the residents. They accompany the on call resident to the Emergency Room and to in-house emergencies and consults. In addition, they observe dental cases treated in the OR and Ambulatory Surgery Center and are given experience in the admission, care and discharge of patients admitted to the dental service.

Externs assist dental residents in the care of their patients in the dental clinic in every dental specialty as well as in the care of the medically complex and special needs patients.

The knowledge and skills gained during this experience provides externs with a greater understanding and enhanced perspective of hospital dentistry.

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