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Elective Offerings

List of Elective Clerkships

Department Course Number Course Name
Anesthesiology 00ANESTHGENNSUH Anesthesiology
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery 00CVASTHGENLIJ Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Emergency Medicine 00EMGENLIJ Emergency Medicine General
00EMGENNSUH Emergency Medicine General
00EMPEDNSUH Emergency Medicine Pediatrics
00EMTOXNSUH Emergency Medicine Toxicology
00EMULTSNDNSUH Emergency Medicine Ultrasound
00EMRESRCHNSUH Emergency Medicine Research
Internal Medicine 00IMENDONSUHLIJ Endocrinology
00IMOUTPATNORBLVD Outpatient Rotation Internal Medicine at 865 Northern Blvd
00IMGASNSLI Gastroenterology
00IMGERLIJ Geriatric Medicine
00IMINFDLIJ Infectious Diseases
00IMRHEUMLIJH Rheumatology
00IMSUBILIJ Sub-I Long Island Jewish Hospital
00IMCARGENCARLIJ Cardiology General
00IMNEPHLIJ Nephrology
00IMPULCONSLTLIJ Pulmonary Consult
00IMRHEUMNSUH Rheumatology
00IMSUBINSUH Sub-I North Shore University Hospital
00IMCARGENCARNSUH Cardiology General
00IMPALLCARNSUH Palliative Care
00IMPALLCARNSUH Palliative Care
00IMINFDNSUH Infectious Diseases
00IMNEPHNSUH Nephrology
00IMHEMONCNSUH Hematology Oncology
00IMPULCRCARLIJH Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
00IMPULCRCARNSUH Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
00IMPULCONSLTNSUH Pulmonary Consult
00IMHEMONCNSUH Hematology/Oncology
Neurology 00NEURGENLIJ Neurology at LIJMC
00NEURGENNSUH Neurology at NS Manhasset
Neurosurgery 00NEUSURGENNSUH Neurosurgery
Obstetrics and Gynecology 00OBGMISNSUH Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery
00OBGGYNONCLIJ Gynecology Oncology
00OBGMFMLIJ Maternal Fetal Medicine
00OBGMFMNSUH Maternal-Fetal Medicine
00OBGONCNSUH Gynecologic Oncology
00OBGREUNSUH Reproductive Endocrinology/Urogynecology
00OBGGENLHH Obstetrics and Gynecology
Ophthalmology 00OPHTHALMOLOGY Ophthalmology
Orthopaedic Surgery 00ORSGENLIJ Orthopaedic Surgery
00ORSGENNSUH Orthopedic Surgery
Pathology 00PATANAOHD Gynecologic Pathology
00PATANAOHD Gynecologic Pathology
00PATANAOHD Cytopathology
00PATANAOHD Molecular Pathology
00PATANAOHD Molecular Pathology
00PATANAOHD Breast Pathology
00PATANAOHD Breast Pathology
00PATANAOHD Dermatopathology
00PATANAOHD Hematopathology
00PATANAOHD Autopsy Pathology
00PATANAOHD Cytogenetics and Molecular Cytogenetics
00PATANAOHD Urologic Pathology
00PATANAOHD Pediatric Pathology
00PATANAOHD Pediatric Pathology
00PATANAOHD Surgical Pathology
00PATANAOHD Thoracic Pathology
00PATANAOHD GI/Liver/Pancreas
00PATANAOHD GI/Liver/Pancreas
Pediatric 00PEDGENCCMC General Pediatrics/Ambulatory Peds
00PEDDVBHCCMC Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
00PEDGASCCMC Pediatric Gastroenterology
00PEDRHEUCCMC Pediatric Rheumatology
00PEDENDCCMC Pediatric Endocrinology
00PEDALIMCCMC Pediatric Allergy/Immunology
00PEDADMDCCMC Adolescent Medicine
00PEDCARCCMC Pediatric Cardiology
00PEDCTCRCCMC Pediatric Critical Care
00PEDNEPHCCMC Pediatric Nephrology
00PEDNEURCCMC Pediatric Neurology
00PEDPULCYSFIBCCMC Pediatric Pulmonary & Cystic Fibrosis
00PEDEMCCMC Pediatric Emergency Medicine
00PEDSUBICCMC General Pediatrics/Sub I
00PEDHEMONCCCMC Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
00PEDHUGENCCMC Pediatric Human Genetics/Metabolism
00PEDINFDISCCMC Pediatric Infectous Diseases
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 00PMRGENSUH Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
00PMRGENSUH Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Psychiatry 00PSYCOLNSUH Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
00PSYINPNSUH Inpatient Psychiatry
00PSYMDCZHH Psychiatry Medical Clinic
00PSYPTMZHH Psychotherapeutic Modalities
00PSYRESZHH Psychiatric Research
00PSYWOMZHH Women's Psychiatry
00PSYAPHZHH Adult Partial Hospital Program
00PSYCAIZHH Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry
00PSYINPZHH Inpatient Psychiatry
00PSYBHNZHH Behavioral Neurology
00PSYCAEZHH Child and Adolescent Emergency Psychiatry
00PSYEVCZHH Psychiatric Evaluation Center
00PSYGERZHH Geriatric Psychiatry
Radiation Medicine 00RDOGENNSLIJHS Radiation Oncology
Radiology 00RADGENLIJ Diagnostic Radiology (LIJ)
00RADDIANSUH Diagnostic Radiology 
00RADNEUNSUH Neuroradiology
00RADREASNSUH Radiology Research Elective
Surgery 00SURSUBLIJ Surgery Sub-I  (LIJ)
00SURSUBNSUH Surgery Sub-I
00SURPLASLIJ Plastic Surgery
00SURVASNSUH Vascular 
00SURTRPNSUS Transplant 
Thoracic Surgery 00SURTHONSUH Thoracic Surgery
Urology 00UROGENNSLI Urology

To apply for an elective experience in a North Shore-LIJ program, you must submit an Electronic Clerkship Application Form. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs for assistance (516) 465-3120.


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