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Faculty Development Overview





Our philosophy supports the faculty member as an individual and as a member of an academic department, a driving force behind the Health System; therefore, assisting that person to be as productive as possible will assure the entire institution is more productive.

The most common focus for faculty development programs is to enhance and support the faculty member in their role as an educator. Programs focus on curriculum development, course design, pedagogy and assessment of learning. A second frequent focus of faculty development programs is the faculty member as a scholar and professional. These programs offer assistance in career planning, professional development in scholarly skills such as grant writing, presenting, publishing, committee work, administrative work, supervisory skills, and a wide range of other activities expected of faculty.

Networking, connecting educators with common interests across disciplines, and organizing events at which faculty come together and share their disciplinary perspectives and strategies is an overall goal of all faculty development programs. In fact, "getting to know other faculty members and sharing ideas about teaching" is often described as one of the primary benefits of participation in faculty development activities. Faculty conversations within and across disciplines often provide the means for an individual educator to adapt an idea or strategy for his or her course.

Faculty development is a systematic process to improve faculty knowledge and skills in the following areas: (1) education principles, (2) leadership, (3) approaches to scholarly activities and (3) skills in designing and implementing a professional development plan.  Faculty development activities are successful when individuals' goals in these areas are being met and when simultaneously the goals of the organization are being met, which include clinical, education and/or administrative service to the system.


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  • Strong leadership
  • Reward structures for participation in faculty development programs
  • Teaching viewed as a scholarly activity
  • Systematic skills development
  • Based on principles of adult learning
  • Sensitive to identified needs
  • Participants learn from each other
  • Atmosphere of caring and trust
  • Based on collaboration, teamwork, and shared vision
  • Celebration of successes

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Teaching and Learning Strategies in Clinical and Community Settings

  • Curriculum Development and Instructional Design
  • Learner Assessment and Program Evaluation
  • Scholarly Activity including professional writing, conducting research, presenting at conferences, grant writing, etc.
  • Professional Development

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Instructional design of a curriculum or course and its corresponding learning activities and assessment tools

  • Program evaluation
  • Presentation skills (class, research, poster)
  • Education Grand Rounds
  • Education Journal Club
  • Active learning strategies
  • Advising and mentoring strategies
  • Development of durable education products
  • Sharing of medical education literature and electronic resources
  • Educational scholarship
  • Resident as Teacher (RAT) Program
  • Navigating the educational grant process


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  • Medical Education Journals
    • Academic Medicine
    • Teaching and Learning Medicine
    • JAMA-Education Issue in September
    • Medical Education
    • Med Ed Online
    • Medical Teacher
    • Clinical Teacher
  • Landmark Medical Education Reports/Articles
  • Medical Education Associations
    • AAMC- Group on Educational Affairs
    • AMEE- Association of Medical Education in Europe
  •  Professional Education Seminar and Workshop Material
  • Power Point Presentations
  • How to Tip Sheets
  • Teaching Cases
  • Digital Resource Libraries
    • Med Ed Portal-AAMC
  • Upcoming Faculty Development Programs

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Contact Us

Alice Fornari, Ed.D, RD
Director of Faculty Development, North Shore-LIJ Health System
Assistant Dean of Medical Education, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine

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