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Improvement Sciences

Six Sigma

Healthcare institutions spend millions of dollars every year on consultants to help them analyze and improve their processes. Fortunately, managers throughout the North Shore-LIJ Health System do not need to look outside the health system (and incur additional expenses). They can turn to the Center for Learning and Innovation to learn how to implement various process improvement methodologies.

In many instances, refining the process results in savings, brings in added revenue, improves customer and employee satisfaction, and adds a whole host of other benefits to the way an organization performs.

Improvement Sciences is a resource to facility and system leadership when confronted with operational performance issues. Managers can send individuals and teams to CLI to learn the OPS methodologies and return to their sites for implementation.  

The Six Sigma Black Belt/Green Belt course is a focused, high-impact process that uses proven quality principles and techniques to reduce process variance. This, in turn, increases efficiency while moving the organization towards future growth and business success.  Six Sigma relies on rigorous statistical methods and puts control mechanisms in place to tie together quality, cost, process, people and accountability. Organizations have also used Six Sigma to drive corporate values and major culture changes.  If you would like to join a team or have a team in mind for a Six Sigma project please contact the Improvement Sciences Director, Nancy Riebling via email: NRieblin@nshs.edu

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