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Institute for Nursing: Welcome

To paraphrase Florence Nightingale:
“Nursing is an art ... the finest of the fine arts.”

Outstanding nurses, as well as fine artists, do not just happen. They are developed over time in an environment that is nurturing, supportive, understanding of their needs, motivating and inspiring. When such an environment exists, nurses achieve greater levels of understanding of their practice, are more receptive to continuous learning, take more pride in their chosen profession and are in constant pursuit of best practices.

The North Shore-LIJ Institute for Nursing will create this professional practice environment to advance the art and science of nursing through the melding of nursing practice, research and education. To achieve maximum outcomes in these areas, all three components must work in collaboration with one another.

The Institute for Nursing will be guided by a grassroots focus on supporting the practice of the bedside nurse. It brings together staff nurses, nursing educators, nursing researchers and nursing practice leaders to achieve our common goal of restoring trust in healthcare through improved patient outcomes.

The Mission of the North-Shore-LIJ Institute for Nursing

  • To promote health and quality patient care through the advancement of nursing science at every level of practice by integrating nursing research, education, professional growth and outcome studies.
  • To empower nurses to share and enhance their knowledge, expertise and potential within a supportive and focused environment.
  • To facilitate a system-wide standard of care and a national model for nursing practice.
Read our Nursing Institute Brochure:



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