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Testimonials from Graduated Fellows of the NSLIJ Program

“The NSUH-LIJ fellowship program in Nephrology and HTN did an excellent job in preparing me for my current job in private practice. There was a great balance between independent and supervised educational experiences. The one aspect of the program which really sets it apart from all other fellowship programs is the approachability and dedication of all the Attending Physicians. It was a great experience.”

“I thought the fellowship program more than adequately prepared me for private practice. The spectrum of renal disorders, including transplant care, was well covered. The work load and census was enough to make me efficient and not feel overwhelmed during my first three years in practice. The faculty offered guidance and direction in patient care but also encouraged us to develop our own diagnostic and management skills. As an extra, we were also exposed to the importance of documentation and billing. I was also able to explore my curiosity for basic science research. It was a unique and pleasurable experience. I was grateful that I had the opportunity. NSLIJ Nephrology fellowship definitely prepared me for the "real world" and I thank the faculty for their guidance. “

“I was trained here because I wanted too. I was a resident here at NSUH campus and I was always impressed by the nephrology faculty. When I was accepted I was ecstatic and I was not let down. I worked hard, I was busy and it paid off. I was exposed to every aspect of nephrology; Dialysis, PD, Transplant, My experience was great both inpatient and outpatient. The attendings have different styles and niches which I took advantage off and enjoyed. They are interested in the fellowship education and are committed to the cause of academia. I was more than prepared to deal with post fellowship real world. There is nothing that I did not see during my fellowship and I had fun along the way. I have been fortunate to be part of the NSLIJ fellowship program as a fellow. The fact that I am here as an attending now speaks volumes about my admiration of the program and my commitment to continue with the mission of educating the next generation from this place. “

“ I am grateful for the training I received at NSUH-Manhasset. It was the Nephrology attendings at NSLIJ that first inspired me to consider Nephrology as a career during my Internal Medicine residency. They were always the most erudite, yet they remained thoroughly approachable. It is rare to find such a combination of traits, and those physicians remain my professional role models to this day. The Division of Nephrology fostered a collaborative and collegial environment, where I always felt comfortable discussing the complexities of patient care. I was fortunate to see a wide array of clinical disease, such that when I graduated from my Fellowship in 2005 I felt well-prepared and confident. Indeed, as I interacted with other Nephrologists upon my graduation, I came to be even more appreciative of the thorough training I received at NSUH. Nowadays, although I have a busy practice, I continue to teach Nephrology Fellows at a nearby hospital, and believe the training I received at NSUH was second to none. I extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to those who trained me and selflessly gave of themselves.”

“My fellowship experience at North Shore-LIJ was unique in all aspects. The impressive dedication, vast knowledge of the faculty, the pleasant attitude, and the high level of the researches; made me proud to be a graduate of this program. One example to reflect the amount of experience we had is the opportunity we got to trace and have ownership in the care for the entire path of our patients from the very beginning during the work up of the patients, follow them up in our CKD clinics, starting them on renal replacement therapy, and eventually receiving transplant. The experience I got at North Shore-LIJ had an immense positive impact on my personal knowledge and skills in the field, and made me to be a good nephrologist and leader in the community. My fellowship program at North Shore LIJ is unique in the way of using non-traditional ways of education and teaching of advanced nephrology. If you ask me whether I would you like to repeat your fellowship experience again; my answer would be for sure yes and will have it done at North Shore-LIJ!”

“ I thought the program was exceptional. With the variety of cases, great teaching attendings, creative teaching environment, research opportunities- I think that it matches up with the top programs in NY State. It’s a hidden gem of training in Nephrology. Go here!!, You won’t regret it!”


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