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Program Fees

The program fee is $8,500.  

Application fee is $50.

National computer matching, D&D Digital Systems Inc. fee is $50.
DICAS fee is $40 to for one internship program; $20 for each additional program. 
Professional liability insurance, lab coat, books and supplies are estimated to be $200 to $400 and are not included in the program fee.
The intern is responsible for housing, transportation and any other personal expenses incurred.
Housing: Interns will be responsible for securing housing in the immediate area. Rent for a studio apartment ranges from $600 to $750 per month. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $750 to $1,000 per month.
We encourage you to look for scholarship opportunities, including those from the American Dietetic Association. For eligibility and application information, go to eatright.org. It will be under the “Careers & Students” tab.
Professional liability insurance: interns are required to obtain professional liability insurance at their own expense (the typical range is $35 to $41) for a minimum of $1 million for each incident and $3 million aggregate. The intern must provide the program director with a valid insurance certificate prior to the start of the internship. Interns should contact the carrier recommended by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, www.proliability.com provided by Marsh U.S. Consumer or call 1-800-503-9230.
The intern must provide evidence of medical/accident insurance to the program director prior to the start of the internship. The cost of insurance will vary and cannot be estimated by the North Shore-LIJ Health System Dietetic Internship Program.


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