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Program Policies

Moonlighting Policy

Recognizing that this need can exist, the Graduate Medical Education Committee of our institution has established the following policy for resident and fellow participation in sanctioned moonlighting:

Only fellows who have been pre-approved for sanctioned moonlighting by their Fellowship Director/Department Chairman are eligible and may choose to participate in such arrangements. Approval and oversight of sanctioned moonlighting must be in compliance with New York State 405 Regulations, ACGME Institutional and Program Requirements, and institutional policies pertinent to resident duty hours and supervision. Fellows who are eligible to participate in sanctioned moonlighting must complete the Moonlighting Inventory Form and file it with the Program Director.


Leave Policy

The Fellowship Director must approve any leave of absence in advance. No leave of absence will extend the term of this agreement beyond its original term without the prior express written approval of the Fellowship Director. All time away from formal graduate medical education, other than scheduled vacation, may lead to a shortfall in the time needed to complete the requirements of both the residency program and the respective specialty board. In such situations, additional months of training may be necessary. As per the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology regulations, the fellow must complete 32 out of 36 months during the fellowship period.

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