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Training Locations

The clinical facility includes Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York. This facility has a Pediatric Emergency Department and ambulatory facilities for appropriate evaluation and care of patients from the newborn period to early adulthood. This facility has in-patient facilities with full pediatric and adolescent and related services that are staffed by pediatric residents and facility. The facility has isolation rooms, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units and support services including pediatric radiology, hematology, nuclear medicine and pathology. There is access to two microbiology laboratories, the Core Laboratory of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System and the Microbiology Laboratory of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. These laboratories perform techniques for identification of bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, viruses, chlamydiae and parasites in tissues and body fluids including diagnosis by detection of microbial nucleic acid and rapid diagnosis of respiratory viruses by direct fluorescent antibody technique. There are infection control programs at both Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York/Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset that are headed by individuals with knowledge in the epidemiology of pediatric infectious diseases. There are written protocols for prevention of infection and its spread, active surveillance systems and interventional plans for outbreak control.

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