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Infection Prevention

NS-LIJ Health System is committed to standards that ensure safety and quality by initiating and maintaining standards of care in coordination with patients. The following patient information can promote reduction of infection:

Influenza, or the “flu,” is seasonal. The flu is caused by a virus that can cause mild to severe respiratory illness and may cause death in especially vulnerable patients, such as infants, the elderly, and those with certain chronic diseases. Every year a new strain of flu is associated with illness, which is the reason for annual vaccination with the influenza vaccine. Each hospital has an internal process to identify the need for vaccination. Remember to receive this vaccination annually.

The pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for select high risk individuals.  The facility has an internal process to identify the need for vaccination.

Ensuring up to date vaccinations for the pediatric population served within our community is the best way to prevent infection. NS-LIJ Health System is working to make sure all patients receive appropriate vaccines. This is achieved by assessment and identification of age specific vaccination, providing education, and vaccination. 


Department of Health website provides disease specific recommendations that affect the spread of disease.

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