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Anesthesiology Expert Insights

Expert Insights

Joseph Marino, MD, head of the anesthesia department at Franklin Hospital, answers some common questions.

Could I wake up mid-surgery?
: Awareness is a very uncommon complication of anesthesia, affecting only 0.1 to 0.2 percent of all adult surgical patients. A sophisticated electroencephalogram (EEG) system tracks sleep waves, using a painless adhesive strip on a patient’s forehead to monitor the depth of sleep. This recent technological advance helps reduce the already-low incidence of awareness under anesthesia.

How will I feel after waking up from surgery?
: Our multi-disciplinary approach provides patients with the best possible results after their surgery. A variety of medications reduce opiate or narcotic usage and their potential negative effects.

Our hospital also places a special emphasis on using regional nerve blocks to help minimize patients’ pain in the specific area of the surgery. Our department has created a nationally renowned ultrasound course — given each November — where state-of-the-art postoperative pain-relieving techniques are taught to other anesthesiologists across the country. These techniques improve the overall postoperative patient experience. As a result, unnecessary side effects of pain medications and general anesthesia are avoided. 

During your pre-operation interview, ask your doctor about any concerns regarding anesthesia.
You can contact Franklin Hospital’s anesthesia department directly at (516) 256-6014.

This story originally appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of North Shore-LIJ Health System’s Focus on Health. Read the issue or subscribe to the print edition.

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