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Why Patients Depend on North Shore-LIJ
for Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology is a medical specialty dedicated to the evaluation, preparation and care of patients who are to undergo surgery or other potentially stressful procedures. At North Shore-LIJ, patient comfort and safety are top priorities.

Patients depend on North Shore-LIJ’s anesthesiology services for:

  • World-class Anesthesiologists
    Our experienced anesthesiology physicians tailor each phase of surgical preparation and treatment to the needs of the individual patient.
  • Certified Anesthesia Support Team
    Certified registered nurse anesthetists have two years’ additional training in anesthesiology. Nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and anesthesia technicians have training and accreditation in their respective disciplines.
  • Proper Anesthesia for Individual Needs
    Anesthesiologists draw on several types of medicines to achieve the proper level of sedation and/or pain relief, including sedatives, analgesics, muscle relaxants and regional nerve blocks, as well as general and local anesthetics.
  • Care Before, During and After Surgery
    As critical members of the surgical team, anesthesiologists administer medicines before the procedure and monitor all vital functions during the procedure. After surgery, they monitor the patient's recovery and provide critical care and advanced pain relief as needed.
  • Over 24 Anesthesia Specialties
    Our skilled anesthesiologists manage the relief of pain for many types of specialty surgeries from cardiovascular and gastroenterology to acute pain management, cancer surgery, obstetrics and gynecology.