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General Surgery

Why Patients Choose North Shore-LIJ 
for General Surgery

The Division of General Surgery provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient surgical care for adult and pediatric patients. Our surgeons are highly skilled in procedures such as breast surgery, colorectal surgery, endocrine surgery, hernia surgery and cancer surgery, as well as liver, bile duct and gallbladder surgery (hepatobiliary surgery).

Patients choose North Shore-LIJ’s general surgery services for:

  • The Region's Top Surgeons
    Our renowned surgeons are board-certified specialists in their areas of expertise and are well known for their proficiency in a wide range of state-of-the-art surgical procedures.
  • Experts in Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Our surgeons perform the most advanced minimally invasive surgery. Our patients benefit greatly with shorter hospital stays, less pain, better cosmetic results and faster recovery.
    • Laparoscopic surgery uses a viewing tube with a lens or camera inserted through a small incision in the abdomen to examine organs and remove tissue.
    • Da Vinci® robotic surgery is the world's most advanced type of minimally invasive surgery. Our surgeons are leading the way in robotic surgery procedures on the liver, spleen, pancreas and GI tract. They also perform robotic cancer surgery and bariatic surgery.
  • Clinical Excellence
    We have the expertise and highly specialized equipment to provide the highest level of care for the most complex hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases.