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Kidney Transplant Services

Why Patients Choose North Shore-LIJ
for Kidney Transplant Surgery

North Shore-LIJ Health System provides kidney transplantation services and living donor services for patients with many different types of kidney diseases at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY, and the North Shore-LIJ Kidney Transplant Center in Manhasset, NY.

Patients choose North Shore-LIJ’s kidney transplant services for:

  • World-class Kidney Transplant Care
    We deliver the highest quality kidney transplant care in both outpatient and inpatient settings.
  • The Region's Foremost Kidney Transplantation Team
    Our transplant surgeons and their support teams of interdisciplinary specialists are recognized nationally and worldwide among the top experts for kidney transplantation.
  • Kidney Transplant Options
    To increase the availability of kidneys for our patients, our kidney transplantation team is experienced in performing different types of kidney transplants:
    • Kidney transplant surgery – The kidney comes from a deceased or living organ donor, as well as family members or unrelated individuals who make a good match.
    • ABO incompatible kidney transplant surgery – The patient receives a kidney from a willing and healthy living donor with a different blood type.
    • Highly sensitized kidney transplantation – One-third of patients with kidney failure have a highly sensitized immune system that would end up rejecting a donor's kidney. These transplant patients go through a desensitization procedure to decrease the possibility of kidney rejection.