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Our Team

 Our multidisciplinary team covers the full spectrum of liver disease care. A full listing of our staff members is below.


General Hepatology

David Bernstein, MD, director and chief, Division of Hepatology
Anupama Duddempudi, MD
Tai Ping Lee, MD
Leah Lieber, MD
Maly Tiev, ANP
Monique DeMabildo, RN

Transplant Hepatology

               Jamuna Karkhanis, MD


               Radica Palmer, RN
               Jovy Martins, RN
               Danielle Lacorte

Hepatobiliary Surgery

               Juan Madariaga, MD

Interventional Radiology

               Craig Greben, MD
               Daniel Perlmutter, MD

Diagnostic Radiology

               Greg Grimaldi, MD


               James Crawford, MD
               Kathy Fan, MD


               Aaron Gindea, MD

Infectious Diseases

               David Hirschwerk, MD


               Kenar David, MD


               Craig Devoe, MD             
Vincent Vinceguerra, MD


               Michael Krysko, MD
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