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Vivo Health Pharmacy

Vivo Health Pharmacy is North Shore-LIJ Health System’s own outpatient pharmacy. Our Pharmacy team works closely with your healthcare providers to ensure that you have a safe and convenient transition from our hospital. Vivo Health Pharmacy is also focused on maintaining your health and wellness on an on-going basis.

The pharmacy is conveniently located in the main lobby of the North Shore University Hospital and accessible for patients on their way home, to employees and their family members, and visitors. We accept most prescription plans and if you are part of North Shore-LIJ’s Medco drug benefit program, the Vivo Health Pharmacy is the only retail location where you can receive your mail-order 90 day fill. The pharmacy also offers a wide range of competitively priced over-the-counter medication and other wellness supplies.

Contact us
Phone: (516) 562-VIVO (8486)
Fax: (516) 562-VFAX (8329)
Email: vivo.manhasset@nshs.edu


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