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Plan Options

A Personalized Plan for Your Weight Loss Needs

Successful weight loss and maintenance cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach. Our unique and experienced team will provide a comprehensive, personalized approach to weight loss called the Lifetime Weight Loss Maintenance Program.

We offer a variety of weight management programs to best fit your needs, including:

  • Intensive Behavior Modification Program – 12 Months
    This unique, highly effective program focuses on individual sessions with our expert team. In addition, you will have unlimited access to our re-education, nutrition and behavioral classes.
  • Bariatric Prep (Walk the Walk) – 6 Months
    This program begins with initial consultations with the registered dietician and psychologist. You will have monthly weigh-ins as required for surgical clearance, and unlimited access to our behavioral classes.
  • Young Adult Weight Loss – 6 Months
    For those ages 18 and older (17-year-olds accepted with parental supervision). More than a weight loss program, our approach combines nutritional guidance, physical activity and behavior modification to enable long-term lifestyle changes for young adults and their families. This program includes individual consultations and age-appropriate support groups.
  • Core Education Program
    After initial individual consultations with each member of our team, you will have unlimited access to our re-education classes.
  • Behavioral Aftercare – Ongoing
    Weight loss is only the first step in adopting a new relationship with food. Our program provides ongoing behavioral support and training through group classes to assist you on your journey.

    Your plan will include a nutritional and psychological assessment. We also offer ongoing support and education, including group sessions focusing on:

    • Food selection and preparation
    • New behaviors
    • Motivational tips
    • Exercise consultation and training
    • Stress management
    • Lifestyle changes

Want to learn if a weight loss program might be a good fit for you? Use our online body mass index (BMI) calculator and bring the results for discussion during your next physician’s visit.

If you are ready to lose weight, we can show you how. Call (516) 496-2662 or email us at CenterforWeightManagement@NSHS.edu for more information on getting started.

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