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Banded Plication

Banded Plication is a bariatric procedure that combines Lap-Band® Surgery and Plication/Imbrication -- which is similar to Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery without the removal of the stomach and high risk of complications.

During the Banded Plication procedure, the stomach is cut on one side, which allows the surgeon to access the front and back of the stomach. One side of the stomach is then folded and fastened, which narrows and reduces the volume of the stomach significantly.

The Banded Plication procedure is unlike sleeve gastrectomy in that the stretching out of the remaining stomach is reduced by having the Lap-Band control the amount of food, and it is not associated with acid reflux.

Advantages of Banded Plication

Banded Plication has the short-term benefits of the sleeve gastrectomy (i.e., the amount of food a person can eat is drastically reduced while preserving the stomach’s functions) with significantly less risk, including the reduced possibility of leaks from staples. Patients are also likely to have fewer follow-up visits to the doctor.

Those who undergo Banded Plication lose an estimated 60 percent of their excess weight within six months and about 70-80 percent in a year, and most patients don’t need any adjustments during this time.  Additional studies are currently needed for the evaluation of long-term results.