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Calypso Prostate Cancer Treatment

The Calypso System

North Shore-LIJ Radiation Medicine department uses Calypso© technology.

The Department of Radiation Medicine was the first program on Long Island to offer the next generation of prostate cancer treatment that actually tracks motion to ensure that the radiation beam is directed appropriately. The Calypso System, known as "GPS for the Body®," uses radio frequency waves to allow for the most accurate alignment of the prostate. Just like the satellite beams in a car's GPS system tracks the vehicle's exact location, the Calypso© System helps the technician keep the radiation beam always focused on the exact spot even while organs are in motion. This helps to maximize outcomes and minimize side-effects.


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Video Description of the Calypso System at North Shore-LIJ By Dr. Louis Potters



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Courtesy WCBS: The Calypso System